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(invertebrate zoology)
The three rays opposite the madreporite in starfish.



the three humanities of grammar, rhetoric, and logic, which constituted the first and most important group of the seven liberal arts during the Middle Ages. The trivium was taught in the faculties of arts of universities and at Jesuit colleges.

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Lubart is working closely with a contract manufacturer who is manufacturing beta samples of the Trivium BRILLIANT Film(TM) for final system testing prior to manufacturing ramp up.
Timothy Wojciechowski, CEO of Trivium Technologies, said, "Every current and prospective display film company understands that the only way to enter today's BEF market is with a patented, innovative film that offers display manufacturers a better performing, cost-effective solution.
Trivium, which began in 2000 in Altamonte Springs, Florida, includes Travis Smith, Matt Heafy, Brent Young and Corey Beaulieu, who recently joined the group in September of 2003.
Founded in 1995, TriVium (TRY-vee-um) Systems, Inc.
The Trivium Diodic Lens will be the first passive film technology to optimize the LCD for all lighting conditions, while simultaneously reducing power consumption dramatically," said Dr.
We are entering an aggressive sales expansion phase at TriVium in response to the overwhelming customer demand SimpleRM has created," said Kevin Joshi, director of sales for TriVium.
TriVium will be demonstrating its CallAnalyst product at the Praxon Booth (No.
Tom Lash, Chief Operating Officer of Trivium, stated, "The exceptional scientific staff at the Liquid Crystal Institute, coupled with the Industry's finest optical lab facilities will be a valued resource to Trivium.
This partnership will provide mid-to-small size companies with an exciting opportunity to take advantage of two best-of-breed technologies" said Mathews Manaloor, president and CEO, TriVium Systems, "Products from Artisoft and TriVium provide growing companies powerful yet affordable solutions to manage their contact center operations.
Envision Telephony is at pedestals C-14 and D-13, and TriVium Systems is at pedestal A-3.
0, AltiGen continues to demonstrate leadership in providing complete telephony solutions that enhance the way small-to-medium sized businesses communicate," said Greg Applegate, Vice President of Sales, at TriVium.
Vodavi evaluated a variety of call accounting products and selected TriVium as the only recommended solution to its nationwide network of infinite dealers as well as STARPLUS and STARPLUS TRIAD distribution channels.