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see Standardbred horseStandardbred horse
or trotter,
American breed of light horse developed especially for harness, or sulky, racing. Of Thoroughbred ancestry, it is similar in appearance to a thoroughbred but has shorter legs.
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a horse whose principal gait is the trot. Special trotting breeds of horses have been developed, including the American, Orlov, and Russian trotters. Trotters may be used as light harness horses in agriculture, but their primary use is in harness racing and equestrian sports.


1. a person or animal that trots, esp a horse that is specially trained to trot fast
2. the foot of certain animals, esp of pigs
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The Liam Trotter deal was agreed more than a week ago, so he was signed for us by 10.
He was holding phone get the skirt Trotter was caught after a fellow commuter at Waverley on September 29 saw him acting "in a sinister manner" and told police.
With a potential market of 3 Million targeted users nationwide, Trotter expects to make in the rental market and ease up the process to find housing in Boston, New York, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco and Washington DC.
His grandfather returned from war a broken man and Mr Trotter was told stories of him screaming in terror before he died shortly after.
Our partnership with The Trotter Project is an excellent addition to the investment we are making in products and services for our customers, from booking until they reach their final destinations," said Sandra Pineau-Boddison, United's senior vice president of customers.
Our relationship with United is a natural fit, given Chef Charlie Trotter's history as one of its celebrity chefs," said Derrek Hull, executive director of The Trotter Project.
Magistrates sentenced Trotter to four weeks in custody and ordered him to pay court costs.
During her time with AMHC, Trotter has increased awareness for sickle cell disease, diabetes, diversity in the health care industry, disproportionate life expectancy among minorities and the need for better access to health insurance for the underserved and underrepresented citizens of Arkansas.
Trotter has distance form Masai has never run over less than 6f, but Harry Trotter won over course and distance on similar ground in April.
Trotter, whose famed Charlie Trotter s restaurant closed in August 2012, died of a stroke in the home in November 2013.
Mr Trotter anticipates that some people might joke about his surname and him becoming a millionaire.
Mr Trotter was so confident he would win a prize that he told staff at his father's office last Friday lunchtime that "this time tomorrow" he would be a multimillionaire.