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a company of actors or other performers, esp one that travels



(also company), the group of performers in a theater. Different types of troupes present drama, opera, ballet, and musical-comedy performances.

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The Modern Theater troupe and Yusuf al-Ani in particular played a major role in the construction of this theater.
The city spent $128,000 in 1985 to fix up one longabandoned rowhouse, Troupe reported, but eight months later, it was still empty.
Deemed "squirmingly hilarious," by the New York Times, the troupe is a staple on college campuses and within the New York underground music/comedy scene.
The Samjiyon Band belongs to the Mansudae Art Troupe, which also has a ballet and Korean folk song units.
The National Folk Dance Troupe of Egypt is considered one of the oldest folk dance groups in Egypt, as itdates back to 1960.
Ray writes: "Seeing the picture of Jean Hardy's dancing troupe in issue 103 of the Remember When has prompted me to send this picture of my wife.
THEIR ART: Yogesh presents Yoga and Malkhamb acts along with his troupe of around 20 children aged between eight and 17.
Among the visitors from abroad, modern dance troupes from Mexico, Japan, and the Ivory Coast, as well as a couple of Canada's less peripatetic ballet companies, will crisscross the map.
It's easy to move people, but harder to get vehicles down there,'' Troupe said.
Troupe is a master of rhythm, repetition and song with an amazing ability to capture the tones and colors of not only speech but the landscape of thoughts, ideas and culture.
Her daughter Fay was the ballerina and the backbone of the troupe was Eileen - who practically supported everyone on her back during their acrobatic numbers.
The junior troupe, for girls aged 12-16, came first in the Lancashire Carnival Association championship and retained the classics titles.