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a company of actors or other performers, esp one that travels



(also company), the group of performers in a theater. Different types of troupes present drama, opera, ballet, and musical-comedy performances.

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In 7 theatres in Ismailia governorate, seven troupes will bring the traditions of their origins in one place.
Sophie said: "We have had a brilliant year and all the troupe have improved so much - we are now in the process of training new routines to take with us to 2015 competitions.
The Sri Lankan troupe performed a medley of traditional dances including fire and mask dances which enthralled the audience comprising an array of artistes, government officials, foreign diplomats and media personnel.
The Egyptian troupe Fursan el-Shark opened the festival with a work inspired by the folkloric tale of Yassin and Bahia.
The National Folk Dance Troupe of Egypt is considered one of the oldest folk dance groups in Egypt, as itdates back to 1960.
The acrobats from the Tianjin Acrobatic Troupe, made creative use of props like lamps and hats to enthrall the audiences at the show.
He is survived by three children: James Troupes and his wife, Marlene of Hopkinton, Barbara Atkinson of Medford, Richard Troupes and his wife, Amy of Framingham; five grandchildren: David, Allegra, Brenda, Alicia and Sarah.
This month she moves her own troupe into The Joyce Theater from February 6 through 11, in a new work called Ligeti Essays.
No bands are considering a Roman theme this year So, I decide to join the 300-member Elskoe and Associates troupe, which has performed for over four decades, winning 40 awards--including 34 first-place prizes.
During the 1930s and 1940s the Iraqi theater was taking root: local texts became more available (though most writers produced just one play), interest in the theater grew, numerous plays were published and many plays performed, and the Iraqi government provided financial incentives for troupes and established a theater department at the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad in 1940, headed by Haqqi al-Shibli, who had just spent four years studying dramatic art in France.
One troupe that is not on Toll's list, and is not, as far as I know, documented elsewhere, is the Ira Aldridge Troupe, which played in Philadelphia at the Franklin Hall in Philadelphia in 1863.