true colour

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true colour

A system where the red, green, and blue components of a colour are stored in display memory, as opposed to storing logical colours and using a colour palette to convert them to red, green, blue components.

The advantage of true colour over a palette is that it does not restrict the range of colours which can be displayed on screen simultaneously. For example, if eight bits are used to store each component of each pixel then a total of 2^24 (about 17 million) different colours can be displayed at once which would require a (very expensive) palette with 3 * 2^24 bytes (about 50 megabytes) of memory.

The disadvantage of true colour is that image transformations which would normally be done by changing the palette must be done to every pixel of the image which can be much slower.

Compare high colour.
References in classic literature ?
What Emma Haredale and Dolly would have done, or how long Miss Miggs, now that she had hoisted her true colours, would have gone on waving them before their astonished senses, it is impossible to tell.
In our profession we know something of human nature, and take my word for it, that the feller that came back to work out that shilling, will show himself one of these days in his true colours.
Then the great hour struck,[*] and every man showed himself in his true colours.
Littimer, rubbing his hands uneasily, 'which anybody might have supposed would have been, at all events, appreciated as a kind intention, then the young woman came out in her true colours.
The system provides true colour high resolution retinal imaging across the entire retina and also captures high resolution fundus auto-fluorescence images (blue, green and infrared), as well as external eye images.
Icy blue eyes Dust the teal colour from the Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Quad in Arctic Goddess over the eyelids using a MAC 217 brush, blending the colour into the top of the brow.
The challenge in making true colour volume holograms, then as now, is to balance the exposure of the red, green and blue laser beams (the three colours usually selected to make true colour) to achieve optimum saturation for each colour.
Not only offering the means to achieving differential gradations of colour and opacity, the process can also achieve true colour reproduction of photographs and complex graphics.
Non-profit community interest company True Colours Theatre was born and has gone from strength to strength - running classes in the community at gatherings such as Brownies meetings, after-school clubs and children's charities, and hosting sessions at its base in Newcastle's Commercial Union House, Pilgrim Street.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 13, 2014-RR Donnelley announces buy of Canada's True Colours
True Colours, at the Blundell Street venue on November 8-9, tells the story of Albert, a proud Yorkshireman who believes that his community is changing and not for the better - in particular the increasing Asian population.