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see damaliskdamalisk
, name for African antelopes of the genus Damaliscus, closely related to the hartebeest. Damalisks are slenderly built and rather horselike in form; they are common grazing animals of the African grasslands.
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Adult tsessebe are quite large animals, with males weighing almost 140kg, andfemales around 120kg.
It has 147 species of mammals including 1,500 lions, 2,000 spotted hyena, over 8,000 elephants, 2,200 white rhinos, 250 black rhinos, 32,000 Burchell's zebra, 2,200 hippos, 5,000 giraffe, 1,500 warthog, 16,700 buffalo, 3,500 kudu, 1,500 waterbuck, 14,000 blue wildebeest, 100,000 impala, assorted eland, nyala, bushbuck, roan, tsessebe, sable, steenbok, mountain reedbuck -- and so the list goes on.
Now my time could be spent in search of a tsessebe.
This has happened with tsessebe, giraffe, bontebok, black wildebeest, eland, and even to a limited extent, lions (although there are different policy dynamics to consider).
The fact that you know that the horse's name Tsessebe means `a Botswana antelope' would suggest a life not exactly packed to the gunwhales with interest, passion or fascination.