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see tuning systemstuning systems,
methods for assigning pitches to the twelve Western pitch names that constitute the octave. The term usually refers to this procedure in the tuning of keyboard instruments.
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a change—within limits determined by specifications —of the variables of instruments, machines, or devices, usually during operation, upon shifting to a new operating mode (distinguished from adjustment, which is aimed at ensuring normal functioning). If necessary, tuning may be done under conditions more stringent than normal operation to verify the operational capacity of the least reliable and most important elements of the apparatus. The results of tuning are frequently recorded and formalized in appropriate technical documentation (technical certificate, test report, or acceptance certificate) upon completion of manufacture or delivery to the user.

The term “tuning” frequently means regulation of the tone of musical instruments, finding the desired wavelength on the scale of a radio receiver or transmitter, or selection of television broadcast channels.


(computer science)
The use of various techniques involving adjustments to both hardware and software to improve the operating efficiency of a computer system.
The process of adjusting the inductance or the capacitance or both in a tuned circuit, for example, in a radio, television, or radar receiver or transmitter, so as to obtain optimum performance at a selected frequency.
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