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see turbineturbine,
rotary engine that uses a continuous stream of fluid (gas or liquid) to turn a shaft that can drive machinery.

A water, or hydraulic, turbine is used to drive electric generators in hydroelectric power stations.
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(aerospace engineering)
A gas turbine power plant that produces shaft power to drive aircraft propellers.


A turbine engine that drives a propeller through a system of reduction gears. Most of the heat energy in the exhaust gases is converted into torque, rather than using its acceleration for propelling the aircraft forward. The propeller is then either driven by the shaft carrying the compressor or by a separate turbine (free turbine) that takes the power from the generated gases. The same as turboprop


1. an aircraft propulsion unit where a propeller is driven by a gas turbine
2. an aircraft powered by turboprops
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All regions saw their turboprop safety performance improve in 2017 when compared to their respective five-year rates.
The Advanced Turboprop engine includes more printed components than any production engine in aviation history with 35 percent of the turboprop's parts built via additive manufacturing.
The purchase agreement includes 25 Q400 turboprops and purchase rights on an additional 25 aircraft.
According to Cebu Pacific, the transaction will see its turboprop fleet to double in size, subject to the execution of final purchase documentation.
I don't know what the future of diesels will be, but in a world where avgas is increasingly hard to find, and where 400 to 500 HP powerplants are desired, there are turboprop mods that fill the bill today.
Pabon, said the latest model of the ATR regional turboprop -- the ATR 72-600 -- would be handed over to launch customer Royal Air Maroc at this year's Paris Air Show.
With its superior performance capabilities, unmatched profitability advantages and exceptional passenger experience, the new Q400 aircraft will enable Philippine Airlines to increase its competitiveness and set a new standard for turboprops in the region," said Jaime J.
The TBM 850, the fastest single turboprop in the world with a maximum cruise speed of 320 KTAS (593 km/hr) at 26 000 ft (7,940m), will be on display at Abu Dhabi Air Expo, the first general aviation exhibition in the Middle East from March 6 to 8 at Al Bateen Executive Airport.
These option rights are in addition to the airline's firm order for 15 Q400 NextGen turboprop airlines which was announced on 15 January 2009.
Frontier Airlines plans to launch a subsidiary airline to fly 10 74-seat DHC-8-Q400 turboprop planes.