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, collective name for rope and other flexible lines. It is used for such purposes as wrapping, hauling, lifting, and power transmission. Early man used strips of hide, animal hair, and plant materials.
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a twisted or spun yarn used to tie up small packages and sew soft containers, such as bags, in industry, agriculture, and trade. Twines are classified primarily by length-to-weight ratio (thickness), which lies in the range 800–8,500 tex, and by the material from which the twine is made, such as bast fiber, paper, and polypropylene. Twine is manufactured with a single-, double-, triple-, or six-thread structure. Some twines may be polished.


A strong string made up of two or more strands twisted together.


string made by twisting together fibres of hemp, cotton, etc.
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The three leaders urged the participants to make good use of the twining and weaving equipment.
For his part, French Director of the project Xavier North pointed out that France had provided support since the launch of the project by the EU by making available a working group gathering main experts for each component of the twining project in matters of organisation, legislation, national and local strategies and internal and external communication and evaluation.
The Manalos can turn the bale of fiber, after assortment and twining, into an average of 400 pieces of rope, measuring 14 meters long each.
I am aware and accept that the mortality risk is low and it is extremely unfortunate that Mrs Twining should be the one in 1,000 who would die as a result of this procedure.
Mini me twining with @elkilanywafaa #wafaaelkilani #princessghaliarayhana #ghaliarayhana #[euro][bar][euro]*aaae[euro][umlaut][euro]ae[euro][degrees][euro]*aa[euro][umlaut]
Twining explained that the diplomatic vehicle was stuck in traffic as the military motorcade approached in the incident which occurred on 19 October, but was not reported in the media until this Saturday.
He likened the Twining Protocol to a blossoming tree who branches would yield abundant fruits soon.
Twining asked the council to allow him to apply 2-inch-diameter aluminum appliques to the gravestones embossed with a Civil War designation; he had earlier been denied the request by the Cemetery Commission.
The cup and saucer was specially made for Twining & Company Ltd by Palissy, a subsidiary of RoyalWorcester Spode Limited.
The value of the twining project will cost $279,622 and will be financed by the European Commission in the framework of a program to implement reforms at the office of the prime minister.
In 2002, Tuscany signed a twining agreement with the Capital Secretariat.
Things have changed a lot since the 1970s when Whitelaw Twining first set up shop.