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(unit, graphics)
(TWentIeth of a Point) 1/20 of a Postscript point, or 1/1440th of an inch. There are thus 1440 twips to an inch or about 567 twips to a centimeter.

Twips are used in Microsoft formats and products, notably Rich Text Format, Visual BASIC, Visual C++, and printer drivers; and in IBM AFP products.

Twips were devised in the olden days to describe the sizes of characters produced by dot matrix printers that were constrained to multiples of either 12 or 10 dots per inch.


(1) (TWItter relationshiP) The relationship from a Twitter writer to a Twitter follower, which is in one direction only. See Twitter.

(2) (TWIP) (TWentIeth of a Point) Equal to 1/1440th of an inch.
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A Figura 4 mostra como o aumento da temperatura de recozimento corresponde a uma queda no limite de resistencia, com consequente aumento da ductilidade no aco TWIP A amostra que nao foi recozida apresenta um limite de resistencia de 1.
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TWIP and propane data are generally available at 1:00 p.