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Ensuring educational activities for the company Typos, printing plants, Ltd.
Years ago, I owned a fabulous collection of newspaper typos -- ones I knew were legitimate because I clipped them out myself.
The art of dreaded typos brings out the meaningless genie in each of us.
This isn't the first (or last) time typos will be seen in sports.
It is pretty strange that at no point were the typos corrected, when it went for printing, or later when it was pasted outside a residential tower near the Qasba Canal in Al Majaz area.
Haji-Sharif did not say whether the typos were in the Arabic or Farsi editions.
The cell's own repair machinery then takes over, repairing the break and the typo using a healthy copy of the gene inserted by the researchers as a template.
It's like a tradition, having typos, so I thought here we go again.
Greece's Eleftheros Typos daily newspaper, which has been published since 1983, went out of business on June 22 after billionaire businessman Theodoros Angelopoulos and his wife Gianna Angelopoulou-Daskalaki, the former head of the organising committee for the 2004 Athens Olympics, decided to end their involvement in publishing, Kathimerini said.
Typos and misspelled keywords (such as "obbama" and liscense") as well as trendy keywords taken from Google Trends system were abused to show compromised websites as top search results.
Which is to point out that proofreading is often more than spotting typos, misspellings, and punctuation errors.
We in the newspaper business know all too well about typos, so perhaps we're more understanding of the problems than some legislators.