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This has been complemented by the discovery of a suite of primary minerals which are uncommon in the Mississippi Valley type deposits of the north Pennines including bournonite, millerite, strontianite, ullmannite, and (perhaps) hydromagnesite.
Ullmannite is extremely rare, occurring only in one cleft, in grains small than 0.
chalcopyrite, pentlandite, pyrite, cobaltite-gersdorffite series, arsenopyrite, ullmannite, violarite, chromite, ilmenite, sphalerite, covellite, argentopentlandite, breithauptite, marcasite, nickeline, galena, rutile, barite, hessite, Au-Ag alloys, sperrylite, moncheite, sudburyite, testibiopalladite, kotulskite, mertieite-II, stibiopalladinite, geversite, melonite and four undefined minerals.