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Nearly 200 selected and peer-reviewed papers from the latest sitting consider such areas as abrasive jet machining, advanced cutting technology, brittle material machining, chemical mechanical polishing and silicon wafer processing, coolants and cooling, ultrasonic machining and laser machining, eco-machining, glass molding, grinding wheel and abrasive grain technologies, high-speed and high-efficiency machining, in-process measurement and monitoring, metrology, machine tools and systems, tooling processing, micro-machining and nano-machining, surface integrity and materials characterization, tribology in manufacturing, and other topics.
They have indicated that it is easy to produce a combined technology which benefits from the virtues of ultrasonic machining and EDM.
Two essays are more historical (discussions of Postclassic Mayan pottery and the use of ceramic pots in old worship settings), and are presented along with scientific studies, of the preparation and characterization of optical fluoride and oxysulfide ceramics and rotary ultrasonic machining, for example.
A more comprehensive library of motion and process control characteristics, letting the advanced CNC accomplish EDM, waterjet, laser, and ultrasonic machining.
Ultrason: New ultrasonic machining processes for drilling, cutting and forming.
Instruments found a new way to cut these materials and significantly reduce machining times when it purchased a DMS35 ultrasonic machining center from DMG.
But one process that should be taken into account, especially when the materials that need to be machined are comparatively brittle (and consequently likely to crack when using the tried-and true harder material on softer) is using sound--as in ultrasonic machining.
Technology of ultrasonic machining requires use of ultrasonic tool resonator, which is the part of ultrasonic resonant system.
A sampling of topics: microfluidics control method based on the EOF technology, the effect of coatings on mechanical properties of TC4 titanium alloy during laser shock processing, surface integrity of an ultra-high strength alloy in HSC process, rotary ultrasonic machining of advanced ceramics, and elastic-plastic contact analysis of materials with gradient yield strength, among other topics.
Through the use of ultrasonic machining on various glass ceramic composites, including Zerodur, the ASML Optics Group, Richmond, CA, improved its productivity.
Ultrasonic machining offers these process advantages compared with conventional machining:
Some of the methods discussed include laser- assisted grinding, ductile grinding, ultrasonic machining, and the new electrolytic in-process dressing (ELID) grinding method.

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