ultraviolet light

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ultraviolet light

[¦əl·trə′vī·lət ′līt]

ultraviolet light

An invisible band of radiation at the upper end of the visible light spectrum. With wavelengths from 10 to 400 nm, ultraviolet (UV) starts at the end of visible light and ends at the beginning of X-rays. The primary source of ultraviolet light is the sun, and most of the UV that reaches earth is in the lower-frequency, longer-wavelength Ultraviolet "A" region (see below).

Although ultraviolet (UV) light is widely known as a disinfectant, it was also used to erase EPROM chips. After several minutes of exposure to UV light, the chip could be programmed again (see EPROM).

Ultraviolet for Chip Making
For a long time, chip lithography, which exposes the silicon to a pattern of light, has been using 193 nm far ultraviolet (FUV) as the source. However, because light cannot create a pattern smaller than its own wavelength, several photomasks are used, and complex chips require dozens of lithography steps.

After 10 nm process technology came into production, extreme ultraviolet (EUV) in the 13.5 nm range is considered the next-generation light source because its wavelength is closer to the feature size (see process technology).
                      Wavelength inUltraviolet Region   Nanometers (nm)

 Long Wave "A"   UVA    315-400
 Medium Wave "B" UVB    280-315
 Short Wave "C"  UVC    100-280

 Near            NUV    300-400
 Middle          MUV    200-300
 Far             FUV    122-200
 Vacuum          VUV    10-200
 Extreme         EUV    10-121

 Deep            DUV    Below 300

Ultraviolet in the Spectrum
The ultraviolet band comes after visible light and ends at the beginning of X-rays.
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Goodrich and his colleagues are working with riboflavin in part because it jams up nucleic acids when exposed to either ultraviolet light or blue light, which isn't blocked by red blood cells.
A) Kittens that glow in ultraviolet light were born.
Ciders produced from juice treated by pasteurization, ultraviolet light or microfiltration were similar to sulfited cider, with only slight differences in their chemical composition and sensory attributes.
Smith agrees that the changing ultraviolet light probably has something to do with Eta Carinae's binary nature.
The glass was then exposed to ultraviolet light in one of two wavelengths: 340 nanometers, the same wavelength as in sunlight, and 254 nanometers.
The new device, through the use of ultraviolet light, does far more to eradicate indoor air pollution than common filters and humidifiers do.
After cleaning, the air is then exposed to the ultraviolet light in the GUV module.
Cells whose DNA has been badly damaged by ultraviolet light tend to die through programmed cell death to form sunburn cells," explains Erwin Tschachler, professor of dermatology, Vienna (Austria) Medical School and scientific director of CERIES.
In November, UVDI asked researchers to expand their research to include anthrax treatment after studies surfaced showing ultraviolet light could be used to disinfect buildings contaminated with the spore.
NIST researchers have uncovered a potentially serious optical problem affecting designs for future generations of semiconductor manufacturing equipment using deep ultraviolet light.
Cyanotech Corporation, Kailua Kona, Hawaii, a leader in producing high-value, natural products from microalgae, has received positive results from a clinical evaluation of BioAstin(TM) to measure its effectiveness for providing sunscreen protection from ultraviolet light.
By activating an ultraviolet light over the petri dish, viewers can cause the bacteria to mutate, thus becoming co-creators with Kac.

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