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Chiefly RC and Eastern Churches the act of anointing with oil in sacramental ceremonies, in the conferring of holy orders


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The act of anointing a person or a ritual tool is a religio-magical rite. The anointing is done with consecrated oil, or with an herbal ointment or salve. After unction, the person or object is considered sacred. In Christianity the sacrament of "extreme unction" is administered to those near death.

References in classic literature ?
Krook almost smacks his lips with the unction of a horrible interest.
So I told his lie with unction at my bank, and made due arrangements for the reception of his chest next morning.
Before you is a marble slab, which covers the Stone of Unction, whereon the Saviour's body was laid to prepare it for burial.
The pair were oddly contrasted: the American very neat in his black coat and pepper-and-salt trousers, thin and dried-up, with something of ecclesiastical unction already in his manner; and the Englishman in his loose tweed suit, large-limbed and slow of gesture.
I sat upon the platform of the large chapel and looked forth on a thousand coloured faces, and the choir of a hundred or more behind me sang a familiar religious melody, and the whole company joined in the chorus with unction.
After a mute confession, communion was administered to the dying man, preparations made for the sacrament of unction, and in his house there was the bustle and thrill of suspense usual at such moments.
But though this hurt my mother at the time, the humour of our experiences filled her on reflection, and in her own house she would describe them with unction, sometimes to those who had been in many hotels, often to others who had been in none, and whoever were her listeners she made them laugh, though not always at the same thing.
As thus, that David having heard a horrid word in the street, uttered it with unction in the home.
I'll come home sighing like a furnace, and full of the savour and unction of dear Mr.
I am very glad I persuaded him to receive extreme unction tomorrow," she said, sitting in her dressing jacket before her folding looking glass, combing her soft, fragrant hair with a fine comb.
I said I had not seen Raffles since one o'clock, telling the truth with unction while I could; even as we spoke there came a knock at the door; it was the telegram at last, and, after reading it himself, the Queenslander handed it to me.
He mouthed the Chinese Excellency at me with great unction, though the specimen of the "suite" did not seem very promising.