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wave molding, oundy molding, swelled chamfer, undulating molding, undy molding

A molding decorated with a series of stylized representations of breaking waves.
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Dundee captain Kevin undee captain Kevin Thomson (calf) is out but homson (calf) is out but striker Luka striker Luka Tankulic hopes to shake off a slight back ankulic hopes to shake off a slight back Tankulic hopes to shake off a slight back T problem.
undee signed A spokesman for Dundee University said: "He resigned from the university in June last year following a lengthy suspension while the NHS investigated claims against him.
appeared undee POLICE have revealed a record they fielded numbers of calls during the riots.
UNDEE UNITED are hoping to secure a glamour foreign friendly for the first weekend in August as part of their Europa League warmup.
HISD undee shop Ozzy's is a leader in urban street wear, after starting in Arbroath in '97.
UNDEE UNITED all but buried the Pittodrie careers of the last three Aberdeen managers with painful hammerings.