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The application of a lime mortar under the top edges of roof tiles or slates; in full torching the mortar is applied beneath the entire underside of slates between battens.
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Near Infrared Reflectography reveals underdrawings and underpaintings that shed light on the truthfulness of Kane's art and his struggle for composition.
Ideal for base color fields or entire underdrawings, ChromaCoal is able to permanently heatfix to any surface that can be heated to 225 [degrees] F.
In a way, many of them have the interest that the underdrawings --the synopie--for the frescoes would have if we were able to see them; they are intended to be sacrificed and submerged.
The more ambitious figure drawings after Michelangelo display faint underdrawings of fine, schematic preliminary outlines in graphite to block out the general forms and establish their axis, but these light traces of graphite are then almost obscured by forceful reworking on top with thicker graphite pencils or pigments.
Transmitted Light: Reveals cracks, tears, or repairs and can also sometimes show underdrawings or design changes.
While we still have much to learn from reexamination of basic data--archives, underdrawings, and of the objects themselves--we surely see and learn many new things about our objects of study when we reflect about methods and questions, or when we are challenged to use visual culture in order to contribute to general knowledge about other aspects of culture: family and gender, values and knowledge, status and power.
They began as intricate pencil drawings of found, often estranged images and progressed to enlarged underdrawings on canvas.
They meticulously examine both the technical characteristics and the underdrawings of four of his paintings (the Brussels Census at Bethlehem, the Budapest Sermon of St John the Baptist [Figs.
Before the trip to Venice, Durer typically used detailed underdrawings for his paintings.
Here, one may note the experimental sketches on the reverse of the panel in the case of Bernardo Martorell's retablo of St Peter from the parish church of Pubol (Museo Diocesano, Gerona), and the bold underdrawings that exist, for example, in a number of panels by Fernando Gallego and other painters of the Hispano-Flemish tradition.
Art in the Making: Underdrawings in Renaissance Paintings.
Moreover, Chapuis contents himself with a largely visual approach to the paintings and to a discussion of their underdrawings while 'art historical disputes are kept to a minimum and confined to footnotes'.