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(invertebrate zoology)
Either of a pair of posterior wings on certain insects, as the moth.



the general name for moths of the closely related genera Catocala, Mormonia, and Ephesia. The wing-spread is 6–12 cm. The hind wings are brightly colored, with black stripes. Common underwings include Catocala fraxini, C. nupta, and Ephesia fulminea. The moths are distributed mainly in the forest zones of Eurasia and America. The caterpillars feed on the leaves of trees and shrubs, especially plants of the families Salicaceae (willows), Fagaceae (beeches), and Rosaceae (roses).

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The army is now envisaging the use of a pair of underwing sensor pods to complement the existing on-board equipment.
In the case of the Boeing KC-767, the two 1200 kg/min underwing pods and the fuselage-mounted 1800 kg/min hose-drum unit are provided by GE Aviation Services.
It may also be noted that Snow Aviation International of Columbus, Ohio has proposed a Hercules upgrade combining a modernised cockpit, a stronger wing, Hamilton Sundstrand NP2000 eight-blade propellers, a stretched fuselage, a larger vertical tail and 1940-litre tip tanks in place of the underwing pylon-tanks.
The result is usually an underwing pod, or a 'ball' mounted beneath the aircraft.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Underwing Nozzle Without Hecv As Per Attached Specifications And As Per Tender.
Designed to yield substantial fuel efficiency benefits, the NASA STARC-ABL aircraft is a subsonic commercial aircraft concept with conventional underwing gas-turbine engines and a ducted, Boundary Layer Ingesting (BLI) tailcone propulsor driven by a turboelectric propulsion system.
The B-47B had provisions for in-flight refueling capability, a strengthened structure and ability to carry underwing fuel tanks.
And with warm weather from the continent expected in the next few days, a surge of migrant moths could join the autumnal species such as the pink-barred sallow and lunar underwing regularly seen refuelling on ivy blossom.
It is expected that each of t he RAF's F-35B aircraft will accommodate a pair of Meteor missiles on two of the four underwing hardpoints with which the RAF's jets will be equipped.
In flight following a quick fuel stop 15 minutes after takeoff, I discovered fuel being forcibly ejecting from the underwing vent due to bumblebee plugging another vent.