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SAN DIEGO -- Endometriosis with an undifferentiated or mixed histologic pattern was more often associated with stage III-IV disease, more severe pain before treatment, and a less favorable prognosis after treatment, compared with endometriosis showing a stromal or well-differentiated histologic pattern, a recent study suggests.
While accounting for only 2% of all thyroid gland malignancies, undifferentiated carcinoma accounts for >60% of thyroid cancer mortality.
Undifferentiated endometrial carcinoma may present as large polypoid masses with evident necrosis.
A diagnosis of Small cell undifferentiated carcinoma- Right Maxillary sinus was made.
Each batch is tested on mouse ES cells for plating efficiency, colony formation, morphology and maintenance of the undifferentiated state.
To answer these questions, we evaluated PC12 cells in the undifferentiated state (CPF without NGF), at the initiation of differentiation (inclusion of CPF simultaneously with the addition of NGF), and at mid-differentiation (CPF added after several days of NGF pretreatment), evaluating cell viability, DNA synthesis associated with cell replication, and enzymatic markers that characterize the cholinergic or catecholaminergic phenotype: choline acetyltransferase (CHAT) and tyrosine hydroxylase (TH), respectively.
Findings from previous studies have suggested that early treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) can lessen severity or induce remission, but until now there have been no data to show that the same benefits can occur in patients with undifferentiated, or "probable," arthritis.
Despite the call for intersectionality--and perhaps her own work demonstrates its limitations--"Black feminist thought" and "Black women" are still as undifferentiated as a conceptual framework and a social group as they were in Black Feminist Theory.
His careful attention to detail at times creates a thicket of seemingly undifferentiated minutiae in which everything from the macro politics of the Italian peninsula and Ercole's alliance with the French to bathing practices and the location of bathrooms (84-87), from Savonarola's influence on the duke to the geography and economics of brick production (187) and the materials, cost, and fate of sugar sculptures (273-75) is given equal weight.
Few buildings are endowed with any kind of urban presence, so the two-storey cylindrical volume of the administration centre acts as a civic beacon amid the township's undifferentiated sprawl.