Unit Cell

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unit cell

[′yü·nət ′sel]
A parallelepiped which will fill all space under the action of translations which leave the crystal lattice unchanged. Also known as structure cell.
(mining engineering)
In flotation, a single cell.

Unit Cell


the smallest volume in a crystal. Translations of a unit cell in three dimensions make it possible to form a whole crystal lattice. A unit cell can be selected in various ways.

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ii) The unit cell approach uses a plane wave or the TEM mode excitation, whereas the waveguide approach makes use of the dominant T[E.
In this work, the meander line increases the inductance of the unit cell which in turn reduces the lower edge of the band gap.
The finite element model of the unit cell with the graphite volume fraction of 4.
Since all bonds are covalent in the unit cell, the polymeric PTBA structure could be called covalent polymer structure.
The substitution of rare earth elements results in the changing of the lattice parameters and unit cell volume.
This leads to a modified size of the unit cell in the momentum space lattice.
74 GHz is within the lower stop-band of the CRLH unit cell, in which the series capacitor can be considered as open circuit.
Unit cell analysis and optimization were performed using Computer Simulation Technology (CST) Microwave Studio [22].
The lumped element equivalent circuit of a CRLH unit cell comprises a series LC resonator and a shunt LC resonator, as shown in Fig.
As shown in Figure 2, an individual unit cell of quasi-optics FSS contains two joint layers: a 4 [micro]m copper layer, perforated periodically with rectangular dipole slots coupled with circular aperture elements on each side.
2] unit cell laboratory V-RFB attached to a pair of reference electrodes, and the second is based on a 25 [cm.
0] be a bounded domain describing the trial 2D unit cell, which is assumed as a square, for simplicity.