Unit Cell

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unit cell

[′yü·nət ′sel]
A parallelepiped which will fill all space under the action of translations which leave the crystal lattice unchanged. Also known as structure cell.
(mining engineering)
In flotation, a single cell.

Unit Cell


the smallest volume in a crystal. Translations of a unit cell in three dimensions make it possible to form a whole crystal lattice. A unit cell can be selected in various ways.

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Therefore, an axisymmetric unit cell model is developed with the graphite particle centered in the matrix as shown in Figure 9(a).
This leads to a modified size of the unit cell in the momentum space lattice.
1] are the length and width of the bridge between the neighboring unit cells, and [h.
In design of CRLH unit cell, the inter-digital capacitor is designed to achieve series capacitance, and the meandered short-circuited stub is used to achieve the shunt inductance.
Figure 1 shows the configuration and definition of parameters for one unit cell of the proposed periodic resistive arrays, where (a) Unit Cell I and (b) Unit Cell II are the designs for single- and dual-polarization, respectively.
4, the proposed compact CPW-based ZOR antenna comprises two CRLH unit cells.
As shown in Figure 2, an individual unit cell of quasi-optics FSS contains two joint layers: a 4 [micro]m copper layer, perforated periodically with rectangular dipole slots coupled with circular aperture elements on each side.
The pits on the surface (between three grains) close earlier comparing with free spaces on the diagonal of unit cell (between four grains Fig.
One possibility consists in periodically repeating an electrically small lumped unit cell, shown in Fig.
For each structure, the author's original unit cell was reduced.
The following parameters have been used for the numerical investigations: dimension of the square shaped unit cell d=-2.
The isolated unit cell behaves as a part of large array of unit cells by satisfying the conditions that the boundaries of the isolated unit cell remain plane.