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Residents subjected to incompatible upzoning face the prospect of involuntary displacement and the functional and psychological trauma of dislocation and perhaps homelessness.
Breen also criticized Mayor de Blasio's controversial Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH) upzoning as too "one size fits-all," and that the Zoning for Quality and Affordability bill (ZQA) didn't make it affordable enough.
Upzoning is where properties that were zoned to allow A will now be zoned to allow both B and A.
This situation produces a perplexing asymmetry: if the government downzones property, it may have to pay for the regulatory burdens it imposes; but if it upzones property, it has no obvious mechanism for capturing the substantial benefits such upzoning creates.
72) Respondents detailed how, rather than creating a major upzoning to facilitate new development, the Rezoning preserved the neighborhood character of Sunset Park by imposing contextual zoning districts that regulate building heights and setbacks and reduce the development potential of property in the vast majority of the Rezoning area.
When the dispute concerns a proposed upzoning or other site-specific approval for a specific new project in which a specific developer has invested, then the developer with money in the parcel will fight neighborhood groups, sometimes winning and sometimes losing.
Boosters like Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, for example, had claimed that the city's upzoning would transform the avenue into "a grand boulevard of the 21st century.
And the transit corridor property owners and developers make fortunes off the upzoning even though the public transit never gets built, as happened in Century City.
expansion of urban growth boundaries and other upzoning.
Exercising police power through the upzoning of land to a higher intensity or utility may be more complicated in approach and will require more expertise and sophisticated methodologies to support, but it relies on the marketplace to effectuate.
Upzoning for higher density has been approved 100 percent of the time where it was in accord with the comprehensive plan.
The March 23 guest viewpoint by three people calling themselves the Walkable Eugene Citizen Advisory Network is a telling example of how hard-charging proponents of we-know-best, top-down planning want to impose unwanted upzoning and poorly conceived densification on single-family neighborhoods across Eugene.