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(vertebrate zoology)
An unsegmented bone representing several fused vertebrae and forming the posterior part of the vertebral column in Anura.



a rodlike bone in the caudal portion of the vertebral column of some vertebrates, formed by the fusion of all caudal vertebrae (in salientians) or of only the terminal caudal vertebrae (in bony fishes). Together with the hypural bones, the urostyle supports the radials of the homocercal fin of bony fishes.

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The caudal skeleton had 3 epurais, the urostyle, a small uroneural dorsal to the urostyle, 4 hypurals, and 2 autogenous haemal arches on the antepenultimate and penultimate vertebrae.
In preservation, two dark, slash-like pigments spots were present on the posterior lateral body above and below the urostyle.
Counts were made from a radiograph of the holotype and from each specimen where possible; vertebral counts include the urostyle.