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Hives or nettle rash; a skin condition characterized by the appearance of intensely itching wheals or welts with elevated, usually white centers and a surrounding area of erythema. Also known as hives.



nettle rash, an allergic reaction characterized by the sudden and rapid appearance on the skin (sometimes also on the laryngeal mucosa) of intensely itching wheals.

Urticaria is often caused by the sting of the nettle and certain other plants. Insect bites, temperature, and chemical agents are also among its causes. Other factors include parasitic worms, chronic constipation, liver and kidney diseases, and allergic sensitivity to some foods (for example, strawberries, citrus fruits, eggs, mushrooms, preserves, certain fish, pork, and chocolate). Urticaria is sometimes caused by hypersensitivity to drugs (especially to those of chemical origin). The rash associated with the condition is a manifestation of the inflammatory reaction and edema of the skin that result from a sudden increase in the permeability of the capillaries in the area. This results from the liberation of histamine from the mast cells of the skin by allergic alteration. Urticaria usually disappears without a trace within a few hours, although it sometimes recurs. It is treated by purgation (by enemas, laxatives), special diet (mostly milk and vegetables, with limited salt intake), and desensitizing and anti-histaminic agents.


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What cannot be ignored is that some people when stung have significant allergic reactions by fire ants; and their symptoms may include fever, dizziness, and generalized urticarial, etc.
However, some studies have suggested that urticarial plaques may occur as a result of antigen-antibody complex related to cancer (21).
In an early case report by Butler (121), administration of pethidine 100 mg by intramuscular injection to a woman in labour caused cyanosis, urticarial rash and a dramatic fall in blood pressure.
Out of 12 pigeons owner check for external parasites 5 of them they were carry lice (Menopen gallinae) and one person with fleas (Ceratophyllus columbae), all of 5 infected pigeon owner were had filling of itching their head with allergic urticarial reaction.
Dermatologic involvement at filariform points of entry is manifested by a migrating, urticarial, erythematous rash, termed larva currens.
According to the Standard, the urticarial reaction is the only transfusion reaction not required to be reported to blood bank.
Panos et al described a patient who developed a moderate facial edema and a generalized urticarial rash after taking hydrocodone.
Two thirds of drug eruptions are macular, maculopapular or urticarial and can present a challenge in diagnosis.
Fourteen years before presentation, during pathology residency, he developed a nonproductive cough, wheezing, and an urticarial rash, temporally associated with use of powdered latex gloves.
Side-effects reported by naval training personnel after receiving a single dose of oral ciprofloxacin 500 mg were mild in nature with the exception of one recipient who developed an acute urticarial reaction ten minutes after taking the tablet (Gaunt & Lambert, 1988:493).
Workers with IgE-mediated hypersensitivity reactions to latex products (localized urticarial lesions or systemic allergic manifestations including anaphylaxis) should
Although Victrelis performs significantly better than Incivek on the side effects of rash, urticarial and pruritis, reported discontinuation rates, roughly 25 percent of all initiations, as well as the primary reasons for discontinuation, are very similar across the two products.