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It will examine issues including career progression and pay for NHS and social care staff, and consider how to clamp down on the costs of using agency staff.
I took the decision to temporarily close it as I wasn't prepared to run it using agency staff.
Seven-out-of-10 employers said they were using agency workers to cover leave or absences.
She stated that "they have drafted in crews from outside, and are using agency staff to clear the backlog", or is it a case of trying to break the strike/work to rule?
Currently qualified nurses are leaving the NHS to work with agencies, which costs the health boards thousands of pounds using agency nurses to fill those vacant holes.
Oregon Revised Statutes contains identical language to the Lane Manual addition, barring law enforcement from using agency resources for deportation actions against someone wanted solely for violating federal immigration law.
The council spokesman said: "The PS5m agency budget referred to as being overspent is set at the beginning of the year and does not take into account using agency staff to cover maternity, illness, additional work through increased grant funding or any job vacancies which arise throughout the year.
While agency staff provide us with a valuable service we recognise the benefits in terms of continuity of care for patients of having a more permanent workforce and there are obviously significant financial implications associated with using agency staff.
The Bill, returning to the House of Lords this afternoon, will scrap the ban on using agency workers as strikebreakers and may force strike leaders to give their details to police.
I also encourage readers to ask their MP to vote to keep the ban on employers using agency workers to break strikes.