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1. Christianity a distinctive form of liturgical or ritual observance, esp one that is traditional in a Church or group of Churches
2. the enjoyment of property, land, etc., by occupation or by deriving revenue or other benefit from it
3. Law the beneficial enjoyment of property the legal title to which is held by another person as trustee
4. Law an archaic word for trust
5. Philosophy logic linguistics the occurrence of an expression in such a context that it performs its own linguistic function rather than being itself referred to. In "Fido" refers to Fido, the name Fido is used only on the second occurrence, first being mentioned



(pol’zovanie), in law, one of the basic legal rights of a property owner. The right of use consists in the right to the productive or personal use of an object for the satisfaction of one’s needs and interests, depending on the nature of the object, for example, use of property or receipt of income from an object. Limits to use are set by law, contract, or other legal document, such as a will. Use is forbidden if it is detrimental to other individuals (abuse of the right). Legal use may be protected from infringement by various legal means, in particular, by bringing a suit for the elimination of impediments to use.


An early system on the IBM 1130.

[Listed in CACM 2(5):16, May 1959].
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The entire business community has now begun to understand electricity, the threats it can bring, and the imperative of using UPS hardware to shield their critical infrastructure.
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says Jordan Kohler, "Zoovy's U-PIC integration provides substantial savings on insurance for shippers using UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL and most other carriers.
Moreover, by using UPS for domestic as well as international shipping, customers in the 16 nations will be able to use the same technology platform for tracking, visibility and billing.
Using UPS air services, procrastinators can ship as late as Dec.
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50,000 to the Arbor Day Foundation to plant one tree for each of the first 50,000 UPS customers to begin using UPS electronic billing solutions, which eliminate the need for paper invoices.
He said one English dentist was having trouble returning items using another shipper, but has experienced no problems since MicroDental began using UPS Returns and now has increased his shipments from one or two per month to five to 10 per month.