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charge for the use of credit or money, usually figured as a percentage of the principal and computed annually. Simple interest is computed annually on the principal.
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cowardly and deceitful moneylender. [Br. Lit.: Our Mutual Friend]
Gride, Arthur
extorting moneylender. [Br. Lit.: Nicholas Nickleby]
loaned gold for huge interest rates and sexual favors. [Gk. Lit.: The Golden Ass]
Nickleby, Ralph
avaricious and ungentlemanly moneylender. [Br. Lit.: Nicholas Nickleby]
shrewd, avaricious moneylender. [Br. Lit.: Merchant of Venice]
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Predictably, there is a wide variation among the states as to what interest rate is "excessive," (7) what types of loans are covered by the usury limits, and the legal consequences of making a usurious loan.
Although the proliferation of high-cost indebtedness is identified as a catalyst of increasingly common boom/bust cycles, Geisst's analysis often intermingles criticism of these other trends without distinguishing them from the issue of usurious lending.
The Reserve Bank of India has advised Boards of banks to lay out appropriate internal principles and procedures so that usurious interest are not levied by them on loans and advances," Jaitley said.
However, the June 2013 law on Usurious Lending was a step backwards, as it will discourage lending to small or remote clients, the World Bank Regional Director stated.
The arbitral awards were issued in contradiction to Islamic Sharia and public policy in the UAE as it awarded usurious interests.
It can only be argued that the need for an increase in this type of usurious activity against the least able to afford it is again to subsidize imprudently priced secured auto loan lending and other amazingly low loan interest rates on signature credits to Alevel members.
JUSTIN Welby, former Dean of Liverpool, now Bishop of Durham and Archbishop of Canterbury elect, last week in the House of Lords denounced, in no uncertain terms, the money lending outfits who offer wage advances at unscrupulous rates, and called for action to be taken to stop these usurious outfits burdening themselves on those unfortunate enough to do business with them.
In addition, Pyongyang is taking out usurious emergency loans from Asian, Russian and European banks.
As the Bishop of Durham said: "An interest rate of over 4,000% has been considered usurious since the time of Moses.
Concerns over higher interest rates and usurious and exploitative activities imposed by the conventional pawnshop means that many customers prefer to deal with the Ar-Rahnu scheme.
Since interest rate charged in conventional credit markets is usurious (as high as 50 percent or even more), the affordability of the products is also not a problem since formal institutions would target a much lesser required rate of return.
Worse, if these are indeed enforced strictly, they will only drive potential borrowers into the arms of usurious moneylenders.