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the aggregate fruit (nut) characteristic of beets, goosefoot, and other plants of the family Chenopodiaceae. In every flower the leaflets of the perianth envelop the ovary with their recurved tips, which coalesce and later develop into utricles.

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Prostatic utricle cyst communicates with the prostatic urethra and are located in the midline, posterior to the bladder, and anterior to the rectum, as described in this case.
Base on the examinations, the patient was diagnosed the prostatic utricle cyst.
For BPPV, your doctor may employ particle repositioning (see chart on Page 3), which moves the loose calcium crystals back into the utricle.
The upright protocol relates to the use of gravity to maintain the otoconia in the utricle where it can be reabsorbed.
More recent best practices have also incorporated the computerized dynamic visual acuity test [63,65] and the subjective visual vertical test during off-axis rotation as a test of utricle function [66] in the blast-injured population.
The vestibular organ is responsible for the balance and consists of the saccule, the utricle, and three semicircular canals (3).
The vestibular system of each inner ear (semicircular canals, utricle and saccule) controls rotatory movements and orientation in, to and fro, up and down, and angular movements.
This finding supports the premise that estrogen deficiency may contribute to the development of BPV by weakening the bond of otoconia to the utricle, they wrote.
The "otolithic organs," as they are known, are a pair of sensors, the utricle and the saccule, nestled in the labyrinthine architecture of the inner ear.
These structures, including the bilateral semicircular ducts and the utricle, are responsible for equilibrium awareness, and they're sensitive to inner ear infections, which may lead to dizziness/vertigo.