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see palatepalate
, roof of the mouth. The front part, known as the hard palate, formed by the upper maxillary bones and the palatine bones, separates the mouth from the nasal cavity. It is composed of a bone plate covered with a layer of mucous membrane tissue.
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(also palatine uvula), a cone-shaped extension of the soft palate in humans and some anthropoid apes. The uvula departs from the middle of the posterior margin of the palate and proceeds with the apex downward. It is covered by a mucous membrane. The anterior side of the uvula faces the mouth, and the posterior side the nasopharynx. The uvula has its own tensor and levator muscles. When food reaches the throat and comes into contact with the uvula, the latter, along with the entire soft palate, rises by reflex action and thus enables the food to pass from the mouth into the pharynx. The human uvula also aids in hermetically sealing the mouth to prevent the jaw from sagging when the body is vertical. Parts of the oral appendages of different origins in some arthropods (crustaceans, arachnids, and insects) are also called uvulas.


A fingerlike projection in the midline of the posterior border of the soft palate.
A lobe of the vermiform process of the lower surface of the cerebellum.


a small fleshy finger-like flap of tissue that hangs in the back of the throat and is an extension of the soft palate
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Affected body prominences include toes and fingers, penis and clitoris which are genital prominences, neck and uvula (2).
The hooking of the soft palate was defined as an angulation of 300 between the distal part of the uvula and the longitudinal axis of the velum.
She was afebrile, tachypnic, and had a normal appearing tongue, soft palate, and uvula.
2,3) (Table 1) Both cases, like ours, were not recognized until tumor extended into the palate and/ or displaced the uvula.
A thorough examination of the pharyngeal area including the tonsils, the uvula and the pharyngeal walls is necessary.
First described by Roux more than 100 years ago, submucous cleft is an uncommon condition that is defined by the presence of three anatomical features: bifid uvula, palatal muscular diastasis, and notching of the hard palate.
This area is the collapsible part of the airway where your tongue and upper throat meet the soft palate and uvula.
1 These lesions are usually located on hard and soft palate, uvula, tongue, lips and gingiva.
Toes are most frequently involved, although cases of hair tourniquets affecting the fingers, penis, labia, clitoris and uvula have been reported?
Para abordar este caracter taxonomico, el presente trabajo pretende ser una invitacion a emplear algunos caracteres primarios del diente como: forma, presencia o ausencia de apron, uvula, quilla transversal, tipo de raiz (anaulacorhizada, holoaulacorhizada) y tipo de vascularizacion (ortodonta, osteodonta), asi como caracteres secundarios tales como disposicion y cantidad de dientes.