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At best, vaporware is an honest product announcement that proves inaccurate ex post.
Move along, nothing to see here" continues to give credibility and visibility to vaporware.
From my perspective, and based on two recent experiences, it appears to be an industry-wide practice of vaporware, products advertised merely to gauge customer demand.
A brand-new survey of mortgage industry users of loan origination systems (LOS) asked for honest ratings of vendors on delivery time, customer support, vaporware and functionality.
Signaling both a new direction for the company and new heights for vaporware, Microsoft Corp.
Just as in its Statement of Fact last week (CI No 3,650), Caldera still maintains that Microsoft used vaporware announcements, fear, uncertainty and doubt, exclusionary licenses, intentionally created incompatibilities and misperception of incompatibilities, blacklists and illegal tying to squash DR-DOS, a competitor to its own MS-DOS which is now owned by Caldera.
A company representative stressed that, unlike so many newbie Internet companies, some offering only vaporware, Infonautics is an Internet company with real growth, tangible revenue, and solid distribution channels.
JUPITER COMMUNICATIONS analyst David Card on Microsoft's vaporware announcement of a new "Universal Plug and Play" technology: "Microsoft's answer to Jini is lame, boring, and not attracting a lot of attention.
One result is that Bill Clinton may go into the history books as the Vaporware President.
Stephan Levy's excellent work makes significant strides toward understanding the nature and import of a fascinating phenomenon, and deserves very careful consideration by all involved with what may (or may not) be vaporware.
It seems like what he used to regard as vaporware, but it's not.
VaporWare's document server is a disk storage area (file server) where VaporWare documents for all users are stored, as well as all references to those documents, and any associated management tools you choose to use within VaporWare.