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The SPINR is protected by issued and pending patents and FDA cleared to maneuver guidewires in the coronary and peripheral vasculature during interventional and diagnostic procedures.
Rather than trying to print a large volume of tissue and leave hollow channels for vasculature in a layer-by-layer approach, Chen and colleagues focused on the vasculature first and designed free-standing 3D filament networks in the shape of a vascular system that sat inside a mold.
Statins "could simply be improving cerebral vasculature," agrees Drachman, who notes that the drugs can directly enhance the function of endothelial cells, which make up the lining of blood vessels.
Abnormal vasculature was also visible on the superior surface of each vocal fold.
A photograph taken through a 4-mm 70[degrees] rod showed the vertical extent of the mass along the contact surface of the left vibratory margin, as well as the mass's vasculature and the anatomy of its attachment to the vocal fold (figure 2).