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see puppetpuppet,
human or animal figure, generally of a small size and performing on a miniature stage, manipulated by an unseen operator who usually speaks the dialogue. A distinction is made between marionettes, moved by strings or wires from above, and hand puppets, in which the hand
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What does it mean when you dream about ventriloquism?

For the dreamer to throw his or her voice could indicate a part of themselves that they may not be revealing. This dream may also indicate that the dreamer feels beside themselves about a relationship or some other issue.


, ventriloquy
the art of producing vocal sounds that appear to come from another source
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For the next five years he appeared up and down the country on the club and holiday camp circuit honing his magic while slowly introducing his stand-up comedy and ventriloquism.
It taps into the resurgence of interest in ventriloquism which is big business in America through the likes of Terry Fator, who won America's Got Talent and has headlined in Las Vegas, and Jeff Dunham, one of the most successful entertainers in the States thanks to politically-incorrect characters including Achmed the Dead Terrorist.
The following day he borrowed a how-to book on ventriloquism from the library (and rumour has it forgot to ever take the volume back).
Most extraordinary, the Coventry wolfman added: "The originator of the phrase 'smash it' was Jamie Redknapp" - suggesting that ventriloquism may rank alongside incorrect use of the word "literally" among Redknapp junior's many talents.
The judges praised Kennedy's novel Day - the story of a Second World War veteran confronting his past while working as an extra on a war film - as "an extraordinary act of ventriloquism (that) describes the waste and eventual resurrection of a young life shattered by war.
to midnight will include music, dance, puppetry, comedy, vaudeville, storytelling, theater, juggling, visual installations, improvisation, ventriloquism and, given the theme, quite a bit of magic.
His career in ventriloquism began when his onetime comic father gave him his first dummy for his 14th birthday.
Children can enjoy creating puppets, learning the art of ventriloquism and classic children's tales brought to life in unusual ways.
Chris said: "We really do need more comedy, dance, theatre, clowning, puppetry, circus, jazz and ventriloquism to make what will be called these monthly Laissez-Faire sessions go with a bang.
It will trace the important transformations of notions of the voice and explore ideas behind the 'true' and 'original' concept of voice, teasing out sources, roots and myths, from pagan oracles to protestant singing and ventriloquism.
Keith Harris gave the singer a lesson in ventriloquism with an oven glove as the farmhands wound down from a day milking and mucking out.