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a city in western Rumania, in the Hunedoara Region. Population, 12,300 (1974). The Victoria cast-iron smelting works (administratively linked with the Hunedoara combine), a semicoke plant, and a construction materials enterprise are there.

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Drug perfusion fluid with different concentrations of P-gp inhibitor verapamil hydrochloride were then prepared.
Once stabilized, the patient was treated for verapamil overdose and severe metabolic acidosis according to our institutional guidelines for calcium channel blocker overdose.
Non-occlusive colonic ischemia induced by verapamil ER overdose.
Despite defibrillation, two animals in the verapamil group could not be resuscitated after induction of VF from the initial chest impact.
4] (100 [micro]M), 1 (100 [micro]M), 2 (100 [micro]M), verapamil (100 [micro]M), or verapamil (100 [micro]M) plus 2 (100 [micro]M).
Results: It was found that verapamil reduced the volume, free and total acidity of gastric secretion, which were statistically highly significant when compared with carbachol (pless than 0.
Thus, despite the reduction of cell stiffness under the influence of obzidan and verapamil the intensity of membrane reserve use by cells is also reduced.
Ayrica verapamil kullanan hastalarda konstipasyon, dihidropridin turevi KKB kullananlarda ise ayak bilegi cevresinde ve topukta odem ile gingiva hiperplazisi gorulebilmektedir (2).
Patients taking verapamil and digoxin had worse overall survival than patients who did not (adjusted analysis using data from all 3 treatment cohorts: digoxin HR 1.
The subjects received for 3 weeks each and in random sequence, once-daily diltiazem at 360 mg, verapamil at 240 mg, metoprolol at 100 mg, and carvedilol at 25 mg.
The headache was treated with traditional therapy of cluster headache including high flow oxygen and verapamil.