vertical cut

plumb cut, ridge cut

A cut in a vertical plane, as the cut on a rafter where it butts vertically against a ridgeboard.
References in classic literature ?
And then the gleaming point of Norman of Torn flashed, lightning-like, in his victim's face, and above the right eye of Peter of Colfax was a thin vertical cut from which the red blood had barely started to ooze ere another swift move of that master sword hand placed a fellow to parallel the first.
Mr Buckley was taken to hospital where he was treated for a two to three-inch vertical cut above his temple.
Tenders are invited for Balance Work Of Firing Range Admin Building In connection with Construction Of Rcc Buttress At T-Shaped Retaining Walls For Stabilization Of Vertical Cut Slope Of Hillock At Modern Firing Range In Site-B Of Svp Npa, Hyderabad
She had a one-inch vertical cut to her face across the jawline.
Novel, sharp vertical cut lines separate the bumper from the front wings and provide a distinctive treatment of the front corners, giving the impression of massive front air scoops.
The blade and engine travel together down a track to make a vertical cut in the log.
First you make a vertical cut down to the backbone, just behind the pectoral (side) fin.
A vertical cut in the hotel facade integrates the structure into the overall complex.
A vertical cut in the hotel faE*ade integrates the structure into the overall complex.
Turning to Holly's 134 centimetre shirt, Ms Davey said it had a vertical cut up the front and across the two sleeves.