vertical navigation

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vertical navigation (VNAV)

A function of area navigation (RNAV) equipment that calculates, displays, and provides vertical guidance to a profile or path. Vertical navigation descent information appears in the profile view of selected non-precision approaches with charts printed after December 3, 1999. The information indicates the geometric descent path with a descent angle from the final approach fix to the threshold-crossing height at the approach end of the runway. The inclusion of the VNAV descent does not change or modify existing non-precision approach requirements, and the usage of the MDA (minimum decision altitude) and the MAP (missed approach point) remains unchanged. This implies that a descent below the MDA cannot be continued unless required visual references are available. Similarly, the prescribed missed approach procedure should not be initiated until the aircraft has reached the published MAP.
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This will represent an outstanding opportunity for IATA to have the advanced geospatial information needed to support important new airline initiatives, such as Electronic Flight Bags (EFB), Electronic Airport Moving Maps, Required Navigational Performance (RNP) and Vertical Navigation (VNAV) Procedure Design, and more flexible noise abatement procedures for better airline, airport and community integration," said Dejan Damjanovic, Space Imaging's manager of Air and Marine Transportation and program manager for the Space Imaging/IATA agreement.
The GFC 700 includes features you would expect in this class of aircraft such as coupled wide area augmentation system (WAAS) approaches, vertical navigation, and flight level change (FLC).
Customer Support Center: A user-friendly Web interface embraces both horizontal and vertical navigation for easy, intuitive searches on information within the system.
With WAAS LPV approaches, pilots will have stabilized lateral and vertical navigation, and will be able to navigate as low as 200 feet above the touch down point under instrument flight rules.
The Honeywell/Trimble products use the accuracy of a built-in GPS receiver to provide lateral and vertical navigation for en route, terminal and non-precision approach.
com web site features vertical navigation and introduces the visitor to further information about the product, its heritage, drink recipes and much more.
The unit provides four-dimensional aircraft guidance for RTA (Required Time of Arrival) and vertical navigation through selected flight plan waypoints.
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