Vibration Sense

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Vibration “Sense,”


a sensation arising under the influence of the successive alternation of mechanical (primarily sonic) stimuli that vary in intensity and frequency. The vibration “sense” is distinct from the sensation of pressure or touch. Vibration is perceived by mechanoreceptors, particularly the Pacinian corpuscles, which are located in various parts of the body (near blood vessels and in the periosteum and hypodermic tissue); they are especially numerous in the wrists and the soles of the feet. Various devices that transform sonic and visual signals into mechanical oscillations permit deaf or blind persons to increase the volume of information received from their environment by means of the vibration “sensed.”


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Therefore, the observed changes in the DL, vibration sense in both feet bilaterally, Benton visual memory test score, and depression and fatigue in the POMS test that were noted in 1999 workers are considered to be due to exposure to 1-BP.
b) One worker felt no vibration sense in the right foot.