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1. a slight, rapid, and regular fluctuation in the pitch of a note produced on a stringed instrument by a shaking movement of the hand stopping the strings
2. an oscillatory effect produced in singing by fluctuation in breath pressure or pitch



(1) A method of playing stringed musical instruments (those with necks); an even, regular vibration of the finger of the left hand on the string it is stopping. By periodically changing the pitch of the notes within small ranges, vibrato gives notes a special coloration and singing quality and increases their dynamic quality and emotional expressiveness. The use of vibrato dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries, to the performing art of lutanists and players of the viola da gamba; now it is used primarily with instruments of the violin family. Initially a unique kind of ornamentation in romantic music, vibrato has become an important way of achieving expressiveness.

(2) A method of playing certain wind instruments; a light opening and shutting of the valves and a change in the degree of intensity of the exhaled breath, causing a vibrating sound.

(3) A natural characteristic of a singer’s voice, which to a large degree determines its qualities of timbre, warmth, and expressiveness.



A musical embellishment that depends primarily on periodic variations of frequency which are often accompanied by variations in amplitude and waveform.
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Seashore's studies helped me understand some confusing statements by respected pedagogues from the past concerning the vibrato and its use in our profession.
Vibrato Valtat and Top Gamble are among five chasers t declared for the highly-anticipated Grade 2 headline race of the meeting.
O vibrato e um tipo de tremor fisiologico ordenado, produzido pelas pregas vocais, que faz com que a frequencia fundamental ([F.
Last season alone, Schmidt stopped over dozens of individual walleye arches, dropping the Vibrato and converting two out of every three marks into hooked fish.
had a great tone throughout and a beautiful subtle vibrato that kept the audience entranced.
The solo is by a French composer and, since vibrato is considered a feature of French horn playing in the twentieth century, it should be on our agenda.
The album's more upbeat tracks, like the beautifully escalating "Gold Rush," layer Bulat's hearty vibrato on a lush platform of complex yet well-orchestrated instrumentation, which lope and gallop along, at times making it seem as though the artist is being accosted by a band of street performers.
Music Director Christopher Shepard's very quick pace helped here, forcing both orchestra and chorus to limit vibrato and giving clear, exciting lines of syncopation and cross-rhythms.
hypnotized by the silent vibrato it made in her throat.
Hear how the wind trembles through the branches, vibrato as notes of
Soprano Inga Filippova-Williams (Fiordiligi), displayed a distinctive vibrato that gave her an almost old-fashioned though dramatic sound, graced by powerful bottom notes and sophisticated phrasing.