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1. Church of England
a. (in Britain) a clergyman appointed to act as priest of a parish from which, formerly, he did not receive tithes but a stipend
b. a clergyman who acts as assistant to or substitute for the rector of a parish at Communion
c. (in the US) a clergyman in charge of a chapel
2. RC Church a bishop or priest representing the pope or the ordinary of a diocese and exercising a limited jurisdiction
3. Church of England a member of a cathedral choir appointed to sing certain parts of the services



(1) In the Late Roman Empire the ruler of an administrative district, or diocese.

(2) In the Orthodox Church an assistant to the eparchial bishop in administering an eparchy.

(3) In the Roman Catholic Church there are general vicars, or assistants to bishops in administering church dioceses, and parish vicars, or assistants to parish priests (cures), who substitute for them when they are ill or absent. There are also apostolic vicars, or papal assistants, most of whom are in remote (missionary) regions. (In 1969 there were 83 apostolic vicars.)

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Currently single, he says he'd like to get married one day and that he's received much more interest since playing a vicar.
The vicar seemed always in attendance, probably to ensure there were no problems.
Some of the characters in Rugby Theatre's The Vicar of Dibley, from left, Dean Mills as Hugo, Steve Crump as David, Marie Phillips as Geraldine, Michele Marsella as Alice.
Mrs Hayden, vicar at Radcliffe Parish Church, in Greater Manchester, has lost 21lbs since joining Weight Watchers in May.
Vicars should even be encouraged to officiate over underwater weddings, where the bride and groom exchange vows in a pool.
Father Paul Rouhana Secretary General of the Council of Churches of the Middle East, in the Patriarchal Vicar of the diocese on behalf of the Serbs Patriarchate.
The disgraced vicar initially appeared not to have realised that he had lost the case.
Another, more obvious, example of "procedural" manipulation occurred when my judicial vicar wrote, "Canon 1529 allows for some latitude in some cases were there is a question of discovering the truth and administering justice with the greatest possible guarantee of success.
They sent her abusive letters in protest at her portrayal of a vicar.
The stage vicar has the dream of opening a new family centre in the parish, to help save and repair broken families.
A few other colorful characters, including a miller and his family and a good-hearted smuggler, pop in and out of the plot to help Kate and Thomas battle the vicar.
STUNNING barmaid Joanna Jepson is to stop calling last orders so she can take up holy orders - and become a VICAR.