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In addition to finding and watching the best videos on the web based on mood and interest, 5by users can now navigate to partner channels to watch freshly curated video playlists.
5by relies on a custom-built curation algorithm to deliver the perfect video playlist based on time of day, amount of time available to watch, and interest and mood.
Launching in June, the 'Summer Heat' campaign will feature themed, multi-genre video playlists, hundreds of music videos from established and emerging artists, and a wide selection of Music Choice Originals - including Artist of the Month, Fresh Crops[TM], Rock U, and Tha Corner[TM].
In addition to using their smartphones or tablets as a remote control, users can create queues and video playlists directly from their device.
tv allows users to create their own personalised music TV channel with customised music video playlists.
com and with Lycos MIX, a platform that lets users create video playlists.
Providing an all-in-one multimedia solution for both audio and video formats, Media Wizard supports playback of all popular media formats, audio and video playlists, audio and video conversions, video construction and decompiling, audio editing and recording, audio and data CD recording, video processing (average, brightness, contrast, gamma, edge enhance, sharpen, soften, resizing, resample, dither, and add border), video capture, and media management.
The voice of AOL On will be expressed through highly curated shows, channels and video playlists integrating a range of programming, from AOL original products to partner content.
Users can now have two separate video playlists displayed simultaneously, allowing higher flexibility for designers.
In addition to ContextView Pro, Mystik Media also offers Blaze Media Pro, a powerful, all-in-one multimedia program that lets you create audio and video playlists, and convert files among many formats; Blaze MediaConvert, a batch conversion program that supports more than 70 image, audio, animation, and video formats; AudioEdit Deluxe, an audio editor and converter that lets you play, create, record, edit, and apply audio effects; AutoImager, a full-featured Windows batch image processing and conversion application; and TrayAudio, an easy way to set up audio playlists.
Now through October 16th, Music Choice will be celebrating Hispanic icons and their contributions to music with original content and customized video playlists from the hottest Latin artists today.
The video playlists drive a higher number of videos played per visit, and transforms the short-form music video into a long-form programming that is easier to monetize.