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The "Newly Recognized, but Long Established" Coombsville Vintners & Growers welcome visitors to one of the Napa Valley's historic and most relaxed regions.
Started in 2012 by vintner Sharon Harris and businesswoman Susan Citron, A Woman's Palate wants to introduce women vintners and their stories; share these fine wines made by women with a larger audience of women; and educate women about wine.
com, the online magazine, highlights women vintners and recipes from women chef contributors like Cindy Pawlcyn.
Now they hope to contribute to Los Angeles County's rich history of vintners.
In addition to overseeing the family business and participating in many philanthropic events, Beth was the youngest and first female President of the Napa Valley Vintners Association.
With Banfi Vintners accounting for almost 50% of all bottled Chilean wines sold in the U.
Chapoutier, Rhone Valley, France FEBRUARY 3-5, Graceful Living Guest Chef Michael Romano Union Square Cafe, New York, NY Guest Vintners Dick and Ann Grace Grace Family Vineyards, Napa, CA FEBRUARY 24-26, An ArtfulTable Guest Chef Art Smith Table 52, Chicago, IL Guest Vintner Justin Hunnicutt Stephens D.
There are hillsides with new vine plantings - not even knee-high - as vintners undertake the patient, five-year wait for the plants to produce viable fruit.
The JARVIS Associate Vintners Program is a unique, hands-on futures program that will be attractive for individuals and members of the trade who would like to be personally involved in the creation of a truly great individualized, customized wine," said William Jarvis, President of JARVIS who announced the program this week.
Our relationship with Sonoma County Vintners is just one example of how Visa Signature delivers card benefits in alignment with cardholders' interests," said Jim McCarthy, senior vice president, Visa USA.
This is a unique opportunity for our guests to meet with our winemakers and winery owners, forge new business relationships, and expand their knowledge of Sonoma County and its wines," said Carolyn Stark, Executive Director of Sonoma County Vintners (SCV).
With the young and young-at-heart wine drinker in mind, Harlem Vintners is preparing to launch a product that will appeal to a wide swath of the population, especially Millennials.