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Compared with the conventionally used olefin resin, vinyl chloride resin emits 20%-50% CO2, thus eco-friendlier to the environment.
sales of its vinyl chloride resin products for use as housing material.
6 billion yen; TSE Section 1: 7970) has developed and produced products in a wide range of areas spanning from electrical and electronics-related products to construction material-related products utilizing processing and material combination technologies for vinyl chloride resin and silicone rubber.
6% from the same period a year earlier due to falling prices of vinyl chloride resin, its core product, and rising prices of naphtha, which it uses as a raw material.
The company recently announced a restructuring plan, including a cut of 250 people from the current workforce of 2,150 by 2003 and the reduction of its vinyl chloride resin product business by selling the marketing rights to Kaneka Corp.
a debt-ridden chemical manufacturer responsible for the Minamata disease tragedy, has decided to sell the marketing rights to its vinyl chloride resin product to Kaneka Corp.
said Thursday it and two other chemical companies plan to wipe out cumulative losses of 15 billion yen at a vinyl chloride resin sales joint venture by tapping the company's capital.
have decided to dissolve their joint venture for production of vinyl chloride resins, V-Tech Corp.
T-Hab's "T-Ribbed" PVC liner is manufactured from high-polymer vinyl chloride resins extruded under high temperature and pressure for a dense, impervious, continuous plastic lining.
Arrow-Lock Sheet Lining is made from high-polymer vinyl chloride resins extruded under high temperature and pressure to form an extremely dense and impervious liner, Projecting, arrow-shaped ribs mechanically lock the lining to the Arrow-Lock Mastic, which is used to fill voids and bond to properly prepared damp or dry concrete substrates.
Vinyl chloride resins are widely used in exterior plastic trim on motor vehicles to protect their paneling from scratches.