viola d'amore

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viola d'amore:

see violviol,
family of bowed stringed instruments, the most important ensemble instruments from the 15th to the 17th cent. The viol's early history is indefinite, but it is recognizable in depictions from as early as the 11th cent. During the second half of the 17th cent.
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The next offering featured Tenenbaum playing the Concerto in D Minor for Viola D'amore, RV 395.
You have a right to know about the viola d'amore, about my other world, because now I know that what had to do with me does have something to do with you .
The second is Hyperion's Viola d'Amore Concertos by Vivaldi (CDA 66795).
These range from early articles on music criticism, the necessity of experimentation, and the viola d'amore, to lectures whose ideas are closely related to his well-known books A Composer's World and The Craft of Musical Composition, to an extended lecture given only five months before his death in December 1963.