viola odorata

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Another famous edible flower (including leaves) with a sweet perfumes flavor. Violets are floral, sweet and beautiful as garnishes in salads, desserts and drinks. Heart-shaped leaves with slightly serrated edges are edible, and tasty when cooked like spinach. Flowers may be deep purple, blue, pink, or white. All have 5 petals, which may have a yellow (fur) or beard on the inside of two of the petals. Whole plant is edible, including roots. Tea from whole plant used for digestive disorders and headache. (contains saliclic acid- “aspirin”). Flowers and leaves commonly used for respiratory ailments associated with congestion, coughing, and sore throat. Root powder is laxative. Taking too much of the root may cause vomiting. Plant contains eugenol, ferulic-acid, kaempferol, quercetin, scopoletin, which are used in the treatment of cancer, AIDS, arthritis, gum disease, expelling parasites and treating malignant growths. Anti-inflammatory, can be used internally and externally for pimples, abscesses, tumors, and swollen glands. Put flowers in bath. Relaxing aroma.
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uk which holds some of the National Collection of Viola odorata and Parma violets.
The sweet violet Viola odorata, continues to be the most easily recognised and its hybrid descendants and cultivars are countless.
Comparative flower development in the cleistogamous species Viola odorata.
floccosa Salpiglossis sinuata CH Corolla Reduced size flowers, CL flowers Sigillaria, Time of reporduction Earlier Chaloneria (both fossils) Veroniocastrum virginicum, Sepals Increased size Veronica chamaedrys Viola odorata CH flowers, Maturation time Earlier CL flowers Viola odorata CH flowers, Whole flower Reduced size CL flowers Vegetative traits Cucurbita argyrosperma Leaf Reduced lobing sororia, C.
PANSY flowers can be used to decorate cakes and add colour to salads, but for sweet memorable flavour you need to grow the sweet Parma violet, Viola odorata.
GROW IT: Viola odorata is happy growing in sun or shade.
Take the sweet violet or Viola odorata for instance.
For scent, on the other hand, you won't beat the ordinary Sweet Violet, Viola odorata, often used in perfumes and flavouring.