violin spider

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violin spider:

see brown recluse spiderbrown recluse spider
or violin spider,
poisonous nocturnal spider, Loxoceles reclusa, most common in the SE and S central United States. Adults are 3-8 in. (10 mm) long and are light brown with a dark, violin-shaped mark on the back near the head.
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The symptoms and signs of sac and violin spider bites are basically similar and the effects of the one can usually not be distinguished from the other.
Medical experts reckoned he had been bitten by a violin spider - a venomous arachnid with a 1in legspan and a fiddle-shaped mark on its body.
A violin spider (top) did this wound (main, bottom) to Dave Midgeley (centre)
Baker said if anything should be of concern, it's the violin spider or brown recluse spider, which her company sees more of in Santa Clarita.
Loxosceles reclusa is known by many names, including brown recluse spider, violin spider, Arizona brown spider, fiddle or fiddleback spider, and necrotizing spider.
Two spiders here are dangerous, the violin spider and black widow.
Yesterday a court ordered Geest to produce the spider, which Malcolm says was a vicious violin spider.
The bite of a female black widow spider (the one with the orange hourglass on its abdomen) may cause nausea and a fever for about eight hours, and the bite of the brown recluse or violin spider requires medical attention.