viral marketing

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viral marketing

(1) See also viral programming.

(2) Viral marketing is an online advertising approach that functions like word-of-mouth. The ad is disseminated via links in e-mail, blogs and websites that point to a service or product people might want. The "viral" refers to the speed with which the ad propagates to others and has nothing to do with computer viruses; its purpose is strictly advertising.

The term was attributed to venture capital firm DFJ ( after its investment in Hotmail grew dramatically. Hotmail automatically put an advertisement at the end of everybody's e-mail message suggesting that whoever is reading it signs up for Hotmail too. In a year and a half, more than 12 million people became Hotmail subscribers.

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The most common viral marketing is a sharing link, whereby every visitor to a website is invited to share the articles or blog posts on the site, or the site itself, with others (see social sharing). See viral video and sneezing.
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is the first process to bring more referral business to dealers by creating positive viral marketing that is delivered quickly and gets shared.
Idiro SNA Plus includes several other product modules that help mobile operators/providers reduce subscriber churn, generate revenue through data-driven viral marketing, and lower operating costs.
Elizabeth Lloyd-Parks, award leader of the executive MBA at the business school, said features on Facebook, which allow users to "become a fan of" an enormous range of products from chocolate bars to television programmes, took viral marketing to another level.
Having said that, one of the beauties of viral marketing is that anyone can get it right, if they have the right idea and the skills and resources to carry it off.
So, if you can devise a program to get your customers to pass along your message to their friends, you have a viral marketing program.
The brilliant thing about Viral Marketing, which is really a modern way of saying 'word of mouth', is that other people pass on your message and become brand champions.
is the first proactive process to bring more referral business to dealers by creating positive viral marketing that is delivered quickly and gets shared.
Robin Croft, principal lecturer in marketing at the University of Glamorgan, will discuss the pros and cons of viral marketing - looking at whether it is a credible solution to marketing on a worldwide scale.
Even in its most creative form, viral marketing can be described as desirable spam, as it involves the distribution of amusing advertisements among net users - yet at no media cost to the advertiser.
NEW YORK -- The Department of Marketing and International Business at Baruch College is hosting a break-through conference on December 1 titled "The New Marketing Revolution: The impact of social media and viral marketing on branding and political advertising.
com), a viral marketing company focused on the auto industry, today announced that its video/photo packages produced for auto dealer customers have hit some big milestones.
Such work is the creation of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, an advertising agency notorious for viral marketing and creating buzz for BMW's Mini Cooper and Molson, the Canadian beer.