virtual appliance

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virtual appliance

An application and its operating system packaged together for a virtualized environment such as VMware or Xen. A virtual appliance is the software equivalent of a hardware device that performs a fixed set of functions (see hardware appliance). See system image.

Faster and Simpler
The regular process of deploying a new application in a virtualized computer is to set up a new virtual machine (VM) partition, install the operating system and then the application. The processes are time consuming and configuration mistakes can be made. In contrast, virtual appliance deployment is faster because the appliance image (application and OS) is copied to the virtual machine pre-installed and pre-configured. The application and OS have already been tested together, and running the software is less error prone. See virtual machine, virtualization, software appliance and NFV.

A Virtual Appliance Player
This virtual appliance is running in a regular non-virtualized Windows machine, using VMware Player, a VMware "runtime engine." It lets users test the behavior of applications running in a virtual machine environment in their own computer before deciding to virtualize the entire machine with VMware. This appliance includes the Ubuntu Linux operating system packaged with open source applications. See VMware Player.
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The Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for Talari Virtual Appliance CT800 hosted on Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) enables companies to build an on-demand tunnel from their physical locations, data centers and private clouds to the AWS Cloud.
First, virtual appliances provide greater flexibility than physical appliances, allowing for more integrated security through software configuration and scripting.
License For One Usm All In One Ua (1TB) Virtual Appliance
Vembu Virtual Appliance is provided as a virtual hard disk (VHD) file, a commonly used file format.
This was a way to create the foundation for customers and partners to build virtual appliances," he said.
The new Virtual Appliance is designed to provide customers
It has been newly built as a unique hybrid SaaS email security solution that integrates in-the-cloud protection and SaaS security services with an on-premise virtual appliance so email threats are stopped closest to their source without compromising email privacy while achieving significant management overhead, network bandwidth and data-center consolidation cost savings, said a statement.
SonicWALL Global Management System (GMS) and ViewPoint Virtual AppliancesThe GMS Virtual Appliance is based on SonicWALL GMS version 6.
SUSE Linux Enterprise and VMware Studio provide customers with a virtual appliance solution that is fully tested and is optimized, reliable, and ready-to-run in a virtual environment.
These products are: InterScan Web Security Software Virtual Appliance (IWSVA), designed to deliver comprehensive, timely protection against Web-based threats such as spyware and bots.
The first virtual appliance, StoneGate Firewall/VPN, protects the network and ensures business continuity in both virtual and physical network environments.

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