virtual connection

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virtual connection

1. (VC) A connection or a path through an ATM network. The word "virtual" indicates that the connection is logical rather than physical.

Nothing to do with a virtual circuit on a packet switching network.

[Fred Halsall, "Data Communications, Computer Networks and Open Systems", 1996, Addison Wesley].

2. A communications link that appears to be a direct connection between sender and receiver, although physically the link can be routed through a more circuitous path, running over virtual circuits instead of a private network built primarily with dedicated lines.

A virtual connection can provide full-time connection among many sites, including those configured for SNA/SDLC protocol. A virtual connection can handle any transmission protocol and is supported worldwide. It can provide high throughput and low delay for LAN and Internet applications, peer-to-peer connectivity, client-server computing, and other distributed processing applications.

virtual connection

A temporary connection made between two nodes.
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The RV community, both on the resort and guest side, have long awaited a true virtual connection to facilitate their many needs.
Scalable throughput - Ethernity wireless backbone solution offers multi point to point scalable wireless network through the ability to connect as many Wi-Fi links per virtual connection together with single gateway to construct the original streams coming from multiple routes
This direct virtual connection will significantly enhance the highly developed videoconferencing musical training program at both institutions.
A total of five new licenses were granted in 2005, one Individual license was granted to Batelco-Jordan, while the other four were class licenses granted to "Sirat Telecom Technology", "LaSilkee Virtual Connection Company Ltd.
In fact, a recent study, Enterprise of the Future, found that by 2017, 84 percent of IT leaders will deploy IT infrastructure where interconnection -- defined as direct, secure physical or virtual connections -- is at the core, compared to only 38 percent today.
The ability to communicate in other languages with deep cultural understanding is vital in our daily lives," Redmond concludes, "as we interact with speakers from diverse cultures in our own community and abroad, in face-to-face communication or via virtual connections.
Bridget served the International Feng Shui Guild as Membership Director by supporting and promoting members through personal and virtual connections as well as protecting and developing member benefits, programs, and networking opportunities.
The introduction of Telepresence extends the reach of GMDC's usual physical meetings to incorporate virtual connections to company headquarters or even more remote locations such as home offices or those traveling who rely on tablet technology," says an association official.
from street level, to virtual connections, this is a major opportunity.
Like many technological advances, virtual connections for remote workers began under another premise.
The conference ' Fashion Beyond Borders', addresses issues such as multicultural identities, virtual connections, commercial opportunities and educational responses.
I think the future is always stranger and more surprising than people think," he says "We are headed pell-mell toward more and more virtual connections.

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