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As we are using the virtual monitor tools like Xen, VM ware, virtual box and kvm.
A virtual monitor can be displayed in a Window or fullscreen, virtual hard drives can be stored as files, and these can even be made to resize automatically and not take up any more space than is necessary.
It also features the Z-Configurator, a layout configuration software package, and an optional Zandar Dual Head, which can drive two displays as a virtual monitor wall.
PHD Virtual Monitor, a robust, end-to-end virtual and physical infrastructure monitoring solution which ensures availability of your business critical applications
The multi-image output produces large screen displays with clear images from multiple sources to create a virtual monitor wall and eliminating the need for display stacks in a control room.
Combining PHD Virtual's award winning backup and recovery technology with the comprehensive monitoring and management capabilities of PHD Virtual Monitor, virtualization administrators have all of the robust tools they need to effectively protect, monitor, and manage their virtual infrastructure.
It features a large, three-tier control room and a back-to-back layout in tape, and is equipped with a Grass Valley Kalypso switcher, Sony cameras, an Calrec Artemis Beam audio console with MADI and Hydra, and virtual monitor walls throughout.
The PHD Virtual Monitor Version of MonitorIT allowed us one single view of our customer's environment so we could set thresholds for alerts and if they are triggered, quickly determine root cause and remediate promptly.
Samsung UD enables one control server to manage up to 250 video displays, creating a virtual monitor, which can display a wide variety of mixed content in real-time.
California is equipped with the latest technology, including: the largest Calrec Apollo in the United States, a Kalypso switcher with two DVEous MX DVEs, Sony Cameras, and virtual monitor walls throughout.
NEP began custom-building twenty racks of equipment, all of the consoles, and a virtual monitor wall for production in mid August.
The layout features a large three-tiered production room with a virtual monitor wall and room for ten positions in tape.

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