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virtual newscaster

A machine-created person who broadcasts the news on the Internet. The virtual newscaster is available 24 hours per day to deliver any and all kinds of information and news bulletins. He or she becomes a familiar character that you identify with every time you get the news.

The service behind the virtual newscaster is what really differentiates this 21st century system. Such newscasters are expected to be the brand logos of personalized news services that can search the Internet 24 hours a day to bring you personalized news and information.

Ananova - The First Virtual Newscaster
Launched in the U.K. in the spring of 2000, Ananova delivers breaking news, sports, weather, business news and entertainment gossip. This exotic young lady can also be used to look for entertainment throughout the U.K. and even purchase tickets. She can also provide selected news and information based on your personal profile. (Image courtesy of Orange, a subsidiary of France Telecom,
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And to those of you asking when our virtual newscaster, Lara Brocklebank, will be making a comeback, we are already looking at possible opportunities.
Reset Jen, Pocket Kingdom's very own virtual newscaster, delivers the Own The World News Report in a sultry British accent based on the latest text to speech technology.
It's best known for creating the world's first virtual newscaster, Ananova.
TMmy has been created by the Lanarkshire-based Digital Animations Group, who were also responsible for the virtual newscaster, Ananova.
As the world's first virtual newscaster she made her debut on the internet on April 19, 2000 with the words "Hello, world
Billed as the world's first virtual newscaster, Ananova--a computer-generated animated image of a young woman's head and shoulders-made her online debut two months ago.
made quite a splash last week when it announced it was introducing the world's first virtual newscaster on the Internet (www.
PA New Media has created Ananova, a online entity which the company claims is destined to become the world's first virtual newscaster reading news over the Internet.
Sven's arrival is part of a new trend in Internet services: recently, virtual newscaster Ananova was acquired by a U.
But even the Beeb was outboobed by the pointless virtual newscaster, Ananova.
251569) Meet Ananova, the world's first virtual newscaster, on this week's episode of the "The Real Story," on E- Business Network.

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