virtual circuit

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virtual circuit

A connection-oriented network service which is implemented on top of a network which may be either connection-oriented or connectionless (packet switching).

The term "switched virtual circuit" was coined needlessly to distinguish an ordinary virtual circuit from a permanent virtual circuit. (One of the perpetrators of this confusion appears to be ["Networking Essentials", 1996, Microsoft Press, ISBN 1-55615-806-8], a book aimed at people preparing for the MCSE exam on LANs and WANs).

Not to be confused with switched virtual connection.

virtual circuit

(1) A temporary communications path created between devices in a switched communications system. For example, a message from New York to Los Angeles may actually be routed through Atlanta and St. Louis. Within a smaller geography, such as a building or campus, the virtual circuit traverses some number of switches, hubs and other network devices.

(2) A logical circuit within a physical network. The actual lines may be shared by other users at the same time, but the virtual circuit appears exclusive to the users who are communicating with each other. The terms "permanent virtual circuit" and "virtual private network" also describe this kind of logical circuit. See packet switching, virtual private network, PVC and SVC.
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Using a software defined network for transport, it will be possible to create a low latency slice (a virtual route within the transport network), that will ensure chosen types of traffic for instance automated driving or critical health applications - would always choose the route with the shortest end-to-end latency.
Navion creates an augmented reality (AR) where a virtual route is holographically projected into the regular focal range of the driver.
To view a virtual route and enter next summer's event, visit www.
Already, there are plenty of success stories about companies that went the virtual route.
There is also a Google Map display on which sat-nav instructions and traffic information is overlaid creating almost a virtual route including points of interest and the cheapest and nearest filling stations.
The virtual route will pass through Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Wales and England.
The introduction of Multi Protocol Label Switching to the BCN allowed for each customer's traffic to be isolated into its own virtual circuit, known as Virtual Route Forwarding, on the BCN routers which allowed for logical separation of traffic based on classification level.
And, as Philips weighs up the merits of four existing models, perhaps the most intriguing option is if Morrisons goes down the virtual route adopted by Ocado.
From August 2010, travellers arriving at Heathrow T5 will be able to access the Microsoft Surface, a 30-inch touch-screen offering an interactive table and unique software designed by the company for a virtual route planner to various locations through detailed maps offered by search engine, Bing.
After looking at building a centralized, brick-and-mortar contact center, Wagner Equipment decided to go the virtual route for three reasons: capital expense, time to staff and train additional agents, and fear of disrupting the current workflow.
Firstly there are the aficionados, then there are the bookmakers to whom we must keep providing whatever product they require otherwise they will go more and more down the virtual route, and finally there are those just looking for a jolly night out.
Abstract: This paper presents a research project with the objective to develop an interface to virtual route creation, based on Virtual Reality techniques for driving phobia treatment.

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